Coloriages Adultes

Yes, adult coloring books are a thing.

Page from Lost Ocean
This page is from the new Johanna Basford book, Lost Ocean.

You’ve probably seen them at your local bookstore as they’ve become pretty popular.  With these nice color pens that my sister gave me last year for my birthday, I’ve been working on sea-themed pages to frame and put up as artwork in the bathroom.

Adult coloring books and clubs for adults that like to color have been popping up all over the world.  When I was in France over spring break, I even found books with “les coloriages anti-stress” there!  Same thing in Quebec over the summer.

I do agree that these pages are like a balm for stress.  They shift your focus from your troubles to making color choices and keeping within the lines (for those of us who prefer to color that way), almost in the same way that meditation gets you to focus only on the present moment.

I used to love to color when I was a child.  I think it was relaxing then, too, and was a good escape from family issues that were stressful.  Seeing colors and playing with color to create something has always been a motivator for me, something that gets me excited.  It’s why I make a lot of my to-do lists with brightly colored pens, too.

As with so many resources that I come across, I thought to myself, “How can I share this with my students?”  I’ve used adult coloring pages with my students.  I put them out after exams, when students feel particularly exhausted, at a moment when they are coming off of a huge stress high.  They love coloring!  Boys and girls alike!  Sometimes they finish them and express their interest in putting them up at home, or presenting them as gifts.  I set them up with penpals in France, so a few of them put finished coloring pages in as gifts to their penpals.

I have a few France-themed adult coloring books in mind that I’d like to buy in the future to share with my students:

I can imagine using these as brain-breaks for students, and also as inspiration for students to write journal entries or short stories.

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