Spring Break Teacher Challenge

I love making lists!  List-making helps me remember.  Whether I make lists for work or leisure, they give me a chance to think, reflect, and learn from what I’ve done, or for what I need to do.

I came across this list on Pinterest that challenges teachers to explore and entertain the non-school halves of our lives during spring break.  Of course, I had to see how I measured up!

1. Well, I finished a book and started another.

2. I couldn’t spend a day where nothing was planned. I had something planned every day. The closest I came was during my trip to Asheville to visit a friend, but even then we made plans to hike and eat out.  I had one free day where I hadn’t made plans during the day.  I spent the day learning about #52filmsbywomen pledge and watched two films by women- Double Happiness and Stay.

Dogwood blossoms on a tree in the yard of Lindsay
Dogwood blossoms on a tree in the yard of Lindsay

4. I bought new sheets for our room.

5. Didn’t do any baking over this break. I did make a quinoa chili recipe from a friend.


6. No road trips, but I did spend a few days in beautiful, spunky Asheville, North Carolina, visiting a friend.

Mural at Lexington and Woodfin in Asheville, NC.
Mural at Lexington and Woodfin in Asheville, NC.

7. Caught up with my good friend Lindsay while in Asheville. I would have liked to have caught up with a couple of other friends over this break, too, but I didn’t make it happen.

8. I don’t know if I’m capable of doing something that surprises the people around me! The closest thing was planning a double-feature night at the movies with my partner. I got the tickets ahead of time and we actually went to two movies: Midnight Special and My Name is Doris.

9. I don’t think I went more than an hour without using technology over this break. I need to work on doing better than that!

10. Well, I cheated on this one. Since I was chaperoning fieldtrips this week, I got to visit the Chicago Board of Exchange, the Federal Reserve Bank in Chicago, the Chicago History Museum, the Lincoln Park Zoo, and went on a walking tour (in the rain) led by the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

11. Bought some much-needed jeans. I didn’t look for an outfit that could go from day to night.

12. Looked for comfortable new shoes, but I didn’t try very hard. I’m too attached to my Keens! I’ve walked the hills of Latvia and the halls of the high school where I work with my Keens.  I want to see if I can go a bit longer without getting new ones.

13. Too cold for ice cream, so I opted for hot chocolate with cool whip instead.


14. Went on a couple of nice hikes with Lindsay in Asheville, along the Blue Ridge Parkway and near Mount Pisgah in the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Skinny Dip Falls in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Skinny Dip Falls in the Blue Ridge Mountains

15. Adding posts to this blog is part of my “eternal to-do list”.

16. The Challenge said that I get to plan and fantasize about my summer vacation! So I have! Here’s a potential route: Oklahoma panhandle (Black Mesa State Park), Great Sand Dunes National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Canyons of the Ancients National Monument, Monument Valley, Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Salt Lake City.  I’m dreading rattlesnakes but besides that I think it’ll be a fun trip.

17. I don’t really plan dinner parties. I don’t have nice China- seems an extravagance! I did enjoy a lot of nice dinners out- most notable at Chorizo in Asheville.

18. No massages. Never tried one!

19. I still have the rest of today to reach out to extended family. Haven’t done so yet! I had a good visit with Mom and Dad yesterday and with my sis, brother-in-law and the kids.

20. I don’t know that I’ve fully escaped the hustle and bustle of life during this break. I’ll have to fully reset once summer break arrives.

21. Haven’t channeled the tree sloth for more than a couple of hours during this break, but looking forward to doing so in a couple of months!


Well, I didn’t quite hit all of these points, but I did try a few new things, saw people, and took a break from working on activities for school.  I think I’m ready to tackle the end of this school year.

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