#staggparle Project

I wanted to put together an initiative to get my students to use French over the summer, but not feel burdened with giving traditional school work.  So we borrowed an idea from Mlle Fantetti at St. Josephat School (@SJS_French), who came up with the hashtag #lefrancaispartout (French is everywhere) along with hashtags for each day of a given month.  Then students tweeted something each day, in French, tagging #lefrancaispartout and whatever the hashtag of the day was.  Here‘s an article about the initiative.

So I came up with a few hashtags of our own, and asked students to come up with a few.  We listed them on the board, and students put tallies next to them to vote for the ones they liked.  We decided on #staggparle, which means “Stagg speaks” (being from Stagg High School).  Then, I put up butcher block sheets, one for each month of the summer, and listed the dates in each month.  Students helped come up with a keyword for each day.  Here’s a copy of what we came up with: staggparle 2015.

Today being the first day of the project, I created a little image in Paint (I don’t have Photoshop and haven’t used it before- so I’m just using what I have).  I wanted to create a little image that I could tweet out to remind students about the initiative.  I used the KC Happy font for the header and Kirvy for the daily hashtags.  Here’s what it looks like:

#staggparle image I created in Paint to remind students about the project
#staggparle image I created in Paint to remind students about the project

Now, I don’t expect students to participate.  I told each class about it after finals, and some individuals seemed interested whereas others were probably thinking that there’s no way they would think about participating.  I told them that it’s a no-pressure situation.  If they were to post once, and then forget about it for weeks, I’d understand.  It is the summer, after all.  But I’m hoping that at least a couple of students will get involved.  So, I guess we’ll wait and see!  Of course I’m participating, to serve as an example to my students. So, anyone with a Twitter account can search for #staggparle to keep tabs on how the project is going.


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