Project: Kitchen Artwork

With the summer comes lots of time for side projects that I’ve been putting off.  I like doing folk arts like needlework, crochet, and knitting.  So to keep myself organized, I made a board on Pinterest and pinned a few of the projects that I want to finish this summer.  I want to do a frame collage on the back wall in my kitchen, so I picked out patterns that would fit in a kitchen.

Here’s the first project that I have finished.  The pattern is originally from Cross Stitcher magazine, Spring 2011, as detailed here in the Sewing Daisies blog.  The image that I had pinned was just an image file though, no link to the magazine.  Cross Stitcher is a British magazine and one can either subscribe or buy back issues on ebay.  I’ll also be looking out for it when I visit one of my favorite used book stores, The Frugal Muse.  In their Arts and Crafts section, they have a crate of old cross stitch patterns.  Most are a little on the frumpy side, but every once in a while I’ll find something that looks vintage and could work today.

So I finished sewing the pattern.  Then I had an old resale shop frame that I had bought for 95 cents.  I painted it with some gray paint that I had from an old project.  And there we have it!

Needlework project for the kitchen
Needlework project for the kitchen



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