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I’ve been inspired by two friends now to put together a bucket list.  I never really felt like I needed one before.  I live a good life and get to do what I want to do, for the most part.  But Shilo’s post last year on tips for making a bucket list got me thinking, and a conversation with Geetha about our love of lists and making list items a reality got me acting.  Just like anything else in my many other lists for life, work, and the daily grind, a bucket list can serve as a way to keep organized in one place my lofty, creative goals that aren’t necessarily urgent.  So the next time that Steve and I are looking for a weekend getaway or just something fun to do, I have someplace to look.  Geetha reminded me that bucket list items can be simple or extravagant.  Anything goes.  So here’s my list so far.  I was aiming for a “50 Before 50” list, but I couldn’t think of 50 things to put in my list!  Perhaps this will just have to be a more fluid list.  I’ll check items off and keep adding to it as time goes on.

The items are numbered in the order in which I thought of them, not in order of difficulty or importance.  And of course, I put my list in my Wunderlist account, too, so that I can peek in on it easily.

1. Travel / hike Japan

2. Travel / hike New Zealand

3. Get season tickets to any theater, go see every show

4. Get a Master’s in French

5. Take a drawing class or follow all of the lessons in a drawing course book

6. Make a Valentine’s gift for Steve (I made him one once, and I have an idea for a second one)

7. Translate a novel and have it published

8. Visit all 10 of National Geographic’s Top 10 Museums in the world (Smithsonian Institution, Louvre, Acropolis Museum, Hermitage, British Museum, Prado, the Met, Vatican Museums, Uffizi, Rijkmuseum)

9. Learn to cook 10 of mom’s dishes really well (chole, olan, rices like tamarind-lemon-mango-coconut, coconut chutney, rasam and homemade rasam powder, potato and or eggplant curries, raita, avial, payasam, vadas)

10. Go to the book-signing of an author who I admire

11. Go ziplining somewhere

12. Vacation in Tahiti

13. Take any kind of arts & crafts class and actually go to all of the sessions

14. Attend a Sundance Film Fest

15. Travel anywhere in Africa

16. Visit Ann Patchett’s Parnassus Books in Nashville

17. Drive the Pacific Coast and cross at least 3 borders (state or country)

18. Get and use season tickets to the Chicago Fire

19. See the Tour de France in at least one town

20. Get conversational in another language

21. Learn to say “hello, goodbye, thangs, you’re welcome” in 20 languages

22. Spend 10 days totally unplugged and reading (not consecutive)

23. Do yoga for 30 consecutive days (no excuses, have to start over if I miss a day)

24. Vacation at a resort in Kerala (Geetha recommends Turtle on the Beach)

25. Travel / hike Scotland

26. Visit sites during an Open House Chicago

27. Become a Chicago Architecture Foundation member and go on 5 walking tours

28. Visit the Crystal Bridges art museum in Arkansas

29. Take a river cruise down / up the Nile

30. Visit the old wooden churches on Kizhi Island in Russia

31. Visit the Olympic Peninsula in Washington

Ideas from my bucket list
Ideas from my bucket list

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