AATF Presentation

I’m using ThingLink for the first time instead of a Powerpoint to use during a session that I’m sponsoring at the 2015 AATF (American Association of Teachers of French) Convention in Saguenay, Quebec.  I’m loving ThingLink!

Novice Numérique: My first Year in a 1:1 Classroom

Word Cloud that I created to use as my ThingLink image
Word Cloud that I created to use as my ThingLink image

I created a word cloud image in Wordle of all of the topics that I want to address during my session.  This was a bit of a hassle because Google Chrome  no longer supports Java Plugins, which are required on the Wordle site.  So I had to use Internet Explorer, and even there I saw an error message that the Java plugins were out of date, so I needed to update those.  Anyway, after I updated Java, closed my Internet Explorer browser and reopened it, then Wordle worked fine.  I created the Wordle, saved the image, then, I uploaded that image into ThingLink.  Then, I started adding links to all of the websites and files that I want to share during my session.  For bullet point lists that I wanted to share, I created separate Google Slides, listed the info, and then made those viewable to the public, then linked to them in my ThingLink.

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