Piktochart: Le Français Pour La Vie

Well, it’s time to head back to school, which means thinking about how I want to engage in certain conversations with my students.  Language study is important to me, and French language study changed my life.  I’m sure every teacher feels the same way about their content area.  So the question is- what are some ways that we can convey this feeling and the information behind it in a way that is relevant and meaningful to students?

One way is through sincere dialogue, and allowing students to openly ask questions about my experiences with language and what it means for them to continue their studies.  To help drive this conversation this year, I used Piktochart to create some talking points.

Why Study French?  Le Français Pour La Vie

Why Study French Piktochart
Why Study French Piktochart

Piktochart is a free web application.  It has lots of options for graphics and text that one can use to create infographics.  Personally, I found that the interface was a bit slow- clicking drop-down menus and navigating between tabs, for example.  But I do think that the graphic and text editing options are nice enough to not have to upload a lot of your own images.  And since these images are part of the Piktochart library, no need to search (and search and search) for free images.

If I had information that I needed to present graphically, I would use Piktochart once again.  I would also even try having my students use Piktochart to organize information.  With all of the templates and editing options, Piktochart makes infographic creation easy enough and worth the investment in time.

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